SHOCK REPORT: Biden's Son Under Fire for Helping China Spy

  • 2019-05-06
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SHOCK REPORT: Biden's Son Under Fire for Helping China Spy
The Intercept reports that Hunter Biden invested in a Chinese fund that fueled China's intrusive surveillance of its Muslim population.

The son of the former vice president and Democratic presidential frontrunner used his personal wealth to sustain the development of an app that provides China's authoritarian government with information monitoring the religious activity, blood type, and energy consumption of millions of its citizens. (The Intercept)

The app relies heavily on facial recognition software supplied by Face++, a division of the Chinese startup Megvii, a relationship that sparked questions in the press for Megvii investors. One of the most prominent of these investors is Alibaba Group Holding, which was co-founded by Jack Ma, the wealthiest Chinese billionaire and an icon for the country’s image of entrepreneurship.

The flurry of media reports this week about Face++, Ma, and the role of the private sector in building China’s increasingly sprawling surveillance state, however, left out another prominent investor in the company: Hunter Biden.

The son of the former Vice President Joe Biden has spent much of the last decade building overseas investments and business deals, arrangements that could complicate his father’s bid for the presidency by posing an array of potential conflicts of interest.

Hunter Biden’s investment company in China, known as Bohai Harvest RST, has pooled money, largely from state-owned venture capital, to buy or invest in a range of industries in the U.S. and China. Bohai Harvest has put money into an automotive firm, mining companies, and technology ventures, such as Didi Chuxing Technology, one of the largest ride-hailing companies in the world after Uber. (Hunter Biden, Bohai Harvest, and Joe Biden’s presidential campaign did not respond to a request for comment.)

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