Schiff Makes Santa's Naughty List (Literally)

  • 11/25/2019 12:00 AM
  • Source: AAN
  • by: AAN Staff
Schiff Makes Santa's Naughty List (Literally)

Adam Schiff's impeachment inquiry has drawn the ire of Republicans, most independents, and even a growing number of Democrats.

Congressman Mark Walker (R-NC) has decided to capitalize on the growing anger with a creative reward for supporters donating to his reelection campaign. 

If you donate now, the Walker campaign will deliver a lump of coal with your name on it to Representative Schiff.

Anyone who gives $30 or more will receive a Schiff-themed Mr. Grinch t-shirt.

Walker's reelection prospects could be affected by the redrawing of North Carolina's congressional lines before the 2020 elections.

Walker has already responded to the general assembly's proposed 2020 map. (WFMY-TV)

"We took on Washington and Raleigh when I ran for Congress in 2014 and together we won. We did it with a new district in 2016. We will do it again in 2020. This was only possible by prioritizing people over politics – the exact opposite of what Raleigh is doing today. There is little assurance the districts passed today will hold up in court.

"Much like the abusive attempt to impeach President Trump, activist judges, career bureaucrats and politicians are locking arms to override the will of the voters. Both acts hurt North Carolinians and damage the faith we have in our elections. I will continue to serve our constituents with all of my heart and strength, wherever that path leads."

 Source: AAN
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