Scaramucci's Strong Warning To Leakers

Scaramucci's Strong Warning To Leakers
By Jdarsie11 (Own work)
White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci warned his staff to stop leaking to the press, previewing a new tone in the West Wing.

“Tomorrow, I’m going to be having a meeting with the communications staff and say, ‘Hey, I don’t like these leaks,’” Scaramucci explained to CNN’s Jake Tapper in an interview. “And so we’re going to stop the leaks. And, if we don’t stop the leaks, I’m going to stop you. It’s just really that simple.”

He said that President Donald Trump’s administration was suffering from a “communications problem” that he would work closely with the president to fix.

“I just think we need to deliver the messaging a little bit differently than we have been doing it in the past,” he said, pointing to a number of successes since Trump took office.
 Source: Breitbart News
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