Sanders Now Leads Hillary for the Democratic Nomination; Here's Why It Doesn't Matter

Bernie Sanders ahead of Hillary Clinton among Democrats nationwide, but it comes too late to stop her from winning the party’s presidential nomination.

Newsmax reports:

More than halfway through a nomination race that she entered as the clear favorite, Hillary Clinton finds herself deadlocked with Bernie Sanders among Democrats.
The latest nation Bloomberg Politics poll results for first choice of hose who have voted or plan to vote in this year’s Democratic contests:
Sanders: 49 percent
Clinton: 48 percent

The narrow difference comes after more than two dozen primaries and caucuses in which Clinton’s amassed a commanding lead in votes and in delegates needed to win the nomination.

Unfortunately for Sanders his lead comes two months too late.

2,640 of the 4,765 delegates to the Democratic National Convention have already been awarded.  Clinton has won 1,691 of them, with Sanders taking the other 949.

That means Clinton needs to win 693 of the remaining 2125, or only 32.5 percent, to clinch the necessary majority of 2,383 delegates.

Even if Sanders defeats Clinton 60 percent to 40 percent in the remaining contests, it won’t be enough to overcome the massive early lead she racked up.
 Source: American Action News
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