Rural Virginia Counties Push to Join West Virginia

  • 01/22/2020 12:00 AM
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Rural Virginia Counties Push to Join West Virginia
The Democratic-controlled Virginia Senate sits poised to pass a new red flag law that would allow the state government to seize firearms from people deemed mentally ill or those shown to have criminal intent. 

The bill is the first installment in a broader gun control package that includes universal background checks and restricting gun purchases to one per month. 

In response to the plight of firearm enthusiasts in the Old Dominion, West Virginian legislators are pushing a proposal to let rural Virginian counties join the Mountain State.

Per the Washington Examiner:

In a building fight that echoes the Civil War-era split of the Old Dominion that created West Virginia in 1863, 40 of 100 West Virginia House delegates have signed on to legislation that would accept revolting Virginia counties and towns.

The effort began after the November elections when urban and suburban voters put the Virginia General Assembly into Democratic hands. Many of those Democrats ran on a platform of restricting and banning guns.

“We’re starting to get some phone calls from friends on the border who say these folks want to leave,” said West Virginia Del. Gary Howell.

Howell, a Republican, told Secrets that what started off as a long-shot effort “has turned into a real thing.”

 Source: AAN
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