Residents of THIS Major US City Have 90 Days to Turn in Their Guns

  • 2018-12-11
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Residents of THIS Major US City Have 90 Days to Turn in Their Guns
Scores of popular, commonly-owned firearms have been declared “assault weapons” and must be identified to police within 90 days, under a new Boulder, Colorado law.

After 90 days the city, with a population of over 100,000, will begin forcibly confiscating and destroying any firearms and gun parts not “certified” by police, and jail the gun’s owner.

The city ordinance, passed in May, criminalizes the ownership of bump stocks, high-capacity magazines and any gun city officials declare an “assault weapon.”

Residents face a Dec. 31 deadline to hand their guns over to police to receive a permission slip for ownership.

“The police department then performs a background check and, if the owner is clear, issues two copies of a certificate with the owner’s name, date of birth and signature; the make, model and serial number of the gun, and the date of issue and issuer’s name. Both copies go with the gun to prove it was owned before June 15, 2018; Spraggs advises keeping one with the firearm and another “wherever you deem to be safe,’” the Boulder Daily Camera reports.

“Because police do not retain any documentation, they are unable to issue a replacement certificate if the original is lost. Certificates cost $20 for the first gun, and $5 per weapon for each additional firearm during the same certification,” the Daily Camera reports.

While the law gives residents until Dec. 31 to get a certification, local police announced they will stop issuing certifications on Dec. 27, citing the holidays.

That means residents who try to comply with the law may find their weapons illegal, simply because police didn’t show up for work.

Police say they have “certified” 85 weapons, which is only a fraction of the number of banned firearms believed to be owned by Boulder residents.

Residents likely realize officials are lying when they say records will not be kept, and that the “certifications” will be used for door-to-door confiscation once the ordinance is quickly and quietly amended to revoke ownership rights.

They have reason to believe that. While the law creating the federal National Instant Check System of background checks for firearms purchases requires the federal government to destroy records of gun purchases, nearly every audit and investigation of NICS reveals officials illegally keep copies of who buys guns, and where they live.

Boulder officials admit this is just the start.

“My hope is that we will see more bans at the state level and one day at the federal level so these weapons will no longer be available,” said Councilman Aaron Brockett when the measure passed in May.

Notice he didn’t say “so these weapons will be recorded to keep them out of the hand of criminals.”

He said the ordinance is intended to ensure “these weapons will no longer be available.”

They’re planning to confiscate firearms as soon as they have the names and addresses of the owners.
 Source: AAN
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