Pro-Trump CNN Commentator Suspended Amid Disturbing Reports

  • 2018-08-23
  • Source: AAN
  • by: AAN Staff
Pro-Trump CNN Commentator Suspended Amid Disturbing Reports
CNN suspended Republican pundit Paris Dennard amid years-old allegations of sexual harassment that got him fired from Arizona State University. (Fox News)

Dennard, according to the Washington Post, told a recent college graduate who worked for him that he wanted to have sexual intercourse with her while touching her “neck with his tongue” during an event.


A 2014 report by the university alleged that he “pretended to unzip his pants in her presence, tried to get her to sit on his lap, and made masturbatory gestures” when he worked at ASU’s McCain Institute for International Leadership.

A second woman accused Dennard of throwing things at her and allegedly caught him looking at her breasts.

“Don’t worry, I’ve already seen it,” he admitted saying after the woman tried to adjust her blouse.

The news of his past transgressions came to light after Dennard impressed the president this week following a heated debate with former intelligence analyst Phil Mudd.
 Source: AAN
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