Presidential Hopeful Escorts Illegal Immigrants Across U.S. Border

  • 10/08/2019 12:00 AM
  • Source: AAN
  • by: AAN Staff
Presidential Hopeful Escorts Illegal Immigrants Across U.S. Border
Longshot Democratic presidential hopeful Julian Castro escorted 12 migrants staying in Mexico across the southern border into the United States Monday.

Castro, the onetime mayor of San Antonio and later then-President Obama's Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, arranged the stunt to protest Trump's efforts to combat illegal immigration.

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But within hours the 12 all were back in Mexico, and the result was that all that happened was a little publicity for Castro.

"We just heard the terrible news that all 12 of our clients escorted by @JulianCastro were sent back to Mexico. This is of course a mockery of due process," the Texas Civil Rights Project announced on social media.

"The 12 asylum seekers our attorneys, advocates, and Secretary Julian Castro escorted to the Gateway International Bridge of Matamoros and Brownsvhille this morning have been sent back into Mexico."

That action was the result of a new practice by the Trump administration to allow those who want to seek asylum in the United States to apply, but wait outside of the U.S. borders while their situations are evaluated.

 Source: AAN
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