People Behind False Accusations Against GOP Politician Fined $10M

  • 01/16/2020 12:00 AM
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People Behind False Accusations Against GOP Politician Fined $10M
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In 2018, California Democrats mercilessly spread allegations against a Republican candidate favored to win a solidly Republican seat in San Diego.

That candidate, Republican Phil Graham, ultimately lost his primary – and Democrats beat a flawed GOP candidate in the general election.

However, the woman who alleged Graham groped and kissed her against her will was eventually convicted for making a false accusation.

Her punishment: two days in jail, according to the California Globe.

Although Graham cannot reverse the outcome of his tainted election, the Federal Communications Commission has fined a San Diego telemarketing company behind slanderous robocalls about Graham for $10 million.

The Daily Wire has more:

"Telemarketing company Marketing Support Systems and its owner, Kenneth Moser, made more than 47,000 unlawful robocalls over a two-day period in May 2018, according to the FCC," the Tribune reported.

Moser allegedly "spoofed" the calls to hide his tracks, making the calls appear to come from a rival company when someone checked the caller ID. The Voice of San Diego reported what the calls said:

"Creepy alert," said a woman on the other end of a robocall that hit phones on May 30. She cited press coverage of Burgan's allegation, and asked why Graham was out harassing a woman when he should have been at home sleeping.

"Vote carefully on June 5," the caller said. "We don't need any more creeps in Sacramento. Don't vote for Phil Graham. #JustSayNo."

The call ended with a disclaimer: "Paid for By Jennifer Jones." Another glaring problem – Jennifer Jones isn't a real person.
 Source: AAN
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