Obama's latest deportation stunt

President Obama has asked his Homeland Security chief to hold off on completing a review of US deportation policies until the end of the summer, senior White House officials said Tuesday, in a move aimed at salvaging any hopes for Congress to act on immigration this year.

Obama in March directed the government to examine whether deportation practices can be made more humane, seeking to pacify frustrated immigration advocates. But that step emboldened House Republicans to argue they can't trust Obama to enforce the law, and that bypassing lawmakers through executive action would deliver a death knell to the broader immigration overhaul that Obama and Democrats are seeking.

Caught in the middle, Obama is seeking to preserve what the White House sees as a narrow window in June and July in which Congress could conceivably act before Washington's focus becomes consumed by the November midterm elections.

That window, White House officials said, has opened now that primary elections have wrapped up in many states where Republican incumbents are being challenged by conservative candidates who oppose an immigration overhaul. But a make-or-break deadline comes when lawmakers leave Washington for a month-long August recess to focus on campaigning.
 Source: The Guardian
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