Obama Administration Officials Linked to Jussie Smollett Debacle

  • 2019-03-27
  • Source: AAN
  • by: AAN Staff
Every development in the Jussie Smollett story somehow seems more unbelievable than the last. 

Firstly, the idea of MAGA hat-wearing men targeting a gay, black man in one of America's most liberal enclaves strains credulity.

Smollett then claimed his attack occurred on the coldest night in downtown Chicago in three decades.

Somehow, his supposedly homophobic, Trump-loving assailants recognized him from his show Empire (largely unknown to conservative audiences). 

The suspected assailants, Nigerian-born brothers Olabinjo Osundairo and Abimbola Osundairo are acquaintances of Smollett. The actor wrote them a check after which they were seen on security cameras at a hardware store purchasing ski masks and red hats used in Smollett's assault.

Finally, all of this occurred during salary negotiations on Empire. Smollett was reportedly unhappy making $125,000 per episode.

Perhaps it shouldn't come as a surprise that Smollett got all charges dropped in what one top prosecutor calls "a sickening abuse of prosecutorial discretion." (National Review)

Then there’s this detail:

[State’s Attorney Kim] Foxx recused herself from the case last month after revealing she had contact with Smollett’s representatives early on in the investigation. She declined to provide details at the time. Communications later released to the Tribune, however, showed Foxx had asked Superintendent Johnson to turn over the investigation to the FBI after she was approached by a politically connected lawyer about the case.

Foxx reached out to Johnson after Tina Tchen, former chief of staff to first lady Michelle Obama, emailed Foxx saying the actor’s family had unspecified “concerns about the investigation.” Tchen, a close friend of Mayor Emanuel’s wife, said she was acting on behalf of the “Empire” actor and his family. A relative later exchanged texts with Foxx.

Michelle Obama’s former chief of staff calls up the state’s attorney, the state’s attorney hands off the case to her assistant, and the assistant gives Smollett the deal of the century. And all of this is so egregiously, transparently corrupt that mayor and former Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel is spitting hot fire over this, as is Obama’s former chief strategist David Axelrod.

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 Source: AAN
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