No, Kelli Ward was not attacking Jeff Flake on day of baseball shooting.

No, Kelli Ward was not attacking Jeff Flake on day of baseball shooting.
Typos, glitches and human error happen, particularly if you spend your days and nights on the internet and haven't had enough covfefe. In politics, there is always someone looking to make you pay a hefty price for such a slip up. 

Twitter was all frenzied about an email that was sent by the Kelli Ward campaign on the day of the shooting that appeared to have attacked Jeff Flake. We reached out to the Kelli Ward campaign for comment and they replied with the following statement.

There was a mix-up in yesterday’s email newsletter where it appeared we were attacking Senator Flake over the tragic shooting in Virginia.

In our regular newsletters, the latest news stories automatically load on the newsletter but somehow loaded in the wrong order and a two-week old story was still at the top.  Naturally my opponents all seized on this and tried to get some free earned media off it.

I want to note that although there is a “donate” button on the bottom of this, and all my emails, there was no written request for money.  Anyone who thinks I would even consider raising money off this horrible tragedy is just being silly.

Mistakes happen and I appreciate the opportunity to set the record straight.

Does anyone really think Kelli Ward intentionally attacked Jeff Flake on the day of the shooting? 

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