NBC Execs Already Debating Megyn Kelly’s Future

NBC Execs Already Debating Megyn Kelly’s Future
By Daniel Oines (cameringo_20170217_104041); Untitled; https://www.flickr.com/photos/dno1967b/32918670456
NBC insiders are going to need some serious convincing about Megyn Kelly’s new show.

If TV critics are confused by what one called her “Bride of Frankenstein” morning show, Page Six hears that veteran network producers are baffled by the decision to make her “Megyn Kelly Today” a “politics-free zone.”

In the run-up to Monday’s premiere in the 9 a.m. “Today” slot, Kelly — who built her reputation on hard-hitting Washington coverage, not to mention her public spat with then-presidential candidate Donald Trump — said she’s “not a political animal and I never have been.”

During the launch episode, she announced that the show would avoid politics entirely (although it’ll include some news coverage).
 Source: New York Post
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