MSNBC's Chris Matthews Warns About the Dangers of Socialism

  • 02/10/2020 12:00 AM
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MSNBC's Chris Matthews Warns About the Dangers of Socialism
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MSNBC host Chris Matthews lived through the entirety of the Cold War. 

He knows that despite the victory of capitalistic, representative democracies led by the United States, socialism is not dead. 

The embrace of Sen. Bernie Sanders' policy prescriptions by the Democratic presidential primary field is but the latest reminder of Edmund Burke's warning that "those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it." 

Matthews sounded like a moderate Democrat from a generation ago when the party still had lucid moments.

But now the beating heart of the Democratic Party's activist base is solidly behind the socialist senator, whatever the establishment and their Wall Street backers think.

That should terrify every American who considers themself a student of history.

In college, Sanders joined the youth wing of the Socialist Party, an organ for Marxist propaganda, while LBJ warned about the dangers of nuclear annihilation. At the same time, Sanders praised the Bolshevik revolution that brought unprecedented suffering to the Russian people. 

Sanders has received overwhelmingly warm welcomes during "goodwill" trips to the USSR, Cuba, and Nicaragua, all while the Soviets were our number one enemy.

This is what we're up against in 2020.

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