Media Finally Digs Into Clinton's Epstein Connection and Finds Another Bombshell

  • 07/26/2019 12:00 AM
  • Source: AAN
  • by: AAN Staff
Media Finally Digs Into Clinton's Epstein Connection and Finds Another Bombshell
Donald Trump banned Jeffrey Epstein from his resort after he learned of the financier's predatory behavior. He also went to the police to help the victim. 

Bill Clinton has a genuinely scandalous connection to the alleged sex trafficker. Aside from brief acknowledgments in the mainstream media, Epstein's onetime cordial relationship with Trump continued to suck up all the oxygen in newsrooms across the country.

But at least The Daily Beast is doing its due diligence by digging further into Clinton's proven denials, starting with this gem a few weeks back: (RedState)

Now, we already know Clinton is lying about the flights, as the logs do not match up with what he says and that there were at least seven flights taken without his staff and secret service. That seems like a pretty big deal, but the media (outside of a few conservative outlets) hasn't touched it for obvious reasons.


Clinton's relationship with Epstein was not just in passing. It wasn't a conversation at a party. It was extensive. The facts directly contradict what Clinton told the media just a few weeks ago. Yet, not a single media outlet has bothered to question him or his wife on the discrepancies. Until this Daily Beast report, we hadn't even got any investigative reporting into it. Instead, we got full-throated parroting of his narrative. As I've said before, it's good to be a Democrat.

All of these earlier contacts would lead us to the 2010s where Clinton would be a guest at least 26 times on Epstein's plane. As I noted earlier, on those manifests were names of underage girls who would later be revealed as victims of Epstein. Are we to believe Bill Clinton just didn't notice them? Further, Bill Clinton has a ton of money. Why would he need Jeffrey Epstein to fly him around? Even more disturbing, one victim actually pinpoints Clinton as being on Epstein's island where some of the worst abuse took place.

The Daily Beast has, to their credit, gathered some new evidence to show that Clinton is being dishonest here. Will the media run with it and demand answers or will they sweep this back under the rug? My money is on the latter.

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