Man Killed in Police Shootout – Sparking Riots – Had Violent Secret

  • 06/14/2019 12:00 AM
  • Source: AAN
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Man Killed in Police Shootout – Sparking Riots – Had Violent Secret
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Like Michael Brown before him, Brandon Webber was no gentle giant.

Webber, 20, an African American male died in a shooting with U.S. Marshals in Memphis sparking explosive anti-police riots.

The initial media coverage failed to report that Webber was wanted for a litany of charges – including armed robbery and attempted murder. 

The Daily Caller's Matt Miller has more

Webber responded to a Facebook ad put out by the victim to sell his car. The two then went for a test drive of the vehicle on Monday, June 3. As the victim stepped out of the car, Webber reportedly shot him five times before driving away. The victim is still alive and is currently in the hospital, DeSoto County District Attorney General John Champion told reporters at a press conference, according to ABC News.

A second suspect in the man's shooting is still being sought after by authorities, according to Reuters.

A federal fugitive task force was seeking Webber in Memphis on multiple arrest warrants related to his alleged involvement in the shooting. Webber reportedly crashed his vehicle into police cars Wednesday night, starting an altercation that would result in his death. 

Webber's death ignited anti-police riots across the Memphis Wednesday night, resulting in 36 police officers being injured in the chaos, six of which were hospitalized, according to ABC News. Several police cars were vandalized during the rioting, and the windows of a fire station were shattered according to Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland. Rioters reportedly threw rocks and bricks at police, prompting the use of tear gas by police to break up the crowds.

 Source: AAN
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