Limbaugh Throws Pelosi a Lifeline

  • 11/25/2019 12:00 AM
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Limbaugh Throws Pelosi a Lifeline
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Rush Limbaugh's conservatism is universally acknowledged, but earlier this week, the talk radio legend offered House Speaker Nancy Pelosi some unsolicited advice.

The unlikely olive branch comes as Democrats appear ready to march off of a proverbial political cliff to impeach President Donald Trump.

WorldNetDaily's Joe Kovacs reports:

Talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh is offering House Speaker Nancy Pelosi a possible way of escape when it comes to holding a formal impeachment vote for the commander in chief.

"She could go on TV, call a press conference and tell a bunch of lies about how successful the hearings were," Limbaugh explained Monday on his national broadcast. "That we’ve got all of this evidence of bribery and extortion and praise to the hilt all of the civil servant left-wing liberal Democrat witnesses, extol their virtues to no end, praise them to the hilt, praise them by name."

"And then say that even if she were to get every Democrat in the House voting, the problem is that the process then goes to the Senate where the corrupt Republicans are in charge, where the Republican Party is going to not listen. This is Pelosi speaking, I’m making up the words, but this would be her message. The Republican Party will openly defy the wishes and will of the American people as represented in the vote to impeach in the House of Representatives."

Limbaugh further continued:

And in the trial, the Republicans will be able to call witnesses who will be able to distort and confuse and get away with it because the partisan Republicans who will do anything to protect Trump will be running the trial. And she can continue to set it up as whatever happens in the Senate will be illegitimate because of Republican partisanship, and then present that as the greatest problem facing America. Republican partisanship, Republican defense of Donald Trump. The Republicans’ refusal to stand up for the Constitution.

The question is would the activist base of the Democratic Party accept such action by Pelosi?
 Source: AAN
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