Liberal Mob Attacks Cops at School Board Meeting, Uses Kids as Human Shield

  • 10/28/2019 12:00 AM
  • Source: AAN
  • by: AAN Staff
Liberal Mob Attacks Cops at School Board Meeting, Uses Kids as Human Shield
By Scott Davidson from United States (Police Car Lights) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
An unhinged liberal mob jumped steel barricades and attacked police officers in a bid to stop a local school district from offering children the opportunity to attend charter schools.

“Oakland Unified School District officials erected metal barriers between the public and school board members ahead of a meeting Wednesday after several prior protests,” the American Mirror reports “but the temporary structures weren’t enough to hold back the mob of parents, teachers, and union members who easily blasted past and stormed the stage.”

The targeted political violence was organized in response to a proposal to close several schools, as enrollment is declining, and allow children in failing schools to attend better-performing charter schools.

“The blowup follows about a month after the OUSD board voted to close Kaiser Elementary School, one of about two dozen in the district identified for closure to address declines in enrollment and state funding. District officials estimate there’s currently 11,000 empty seats in schools districtwide,” the Mirror writes.

That sent the local teachers union into a violent rage, as they would lose access to political dollars if spending were controlled and accountability enforced.

“We will continue to disrupt these meetings and there will be no more business as usual,” one liberal screeched at the mob jumped the barricades and began pounding police officers.

The local teachers union, who organized the violence, posted video of the attack believe it would vindicate them, but it clearly shows teachers not only attacking police officers but even pushing children in front to use as human shields.

School board members were forced to flee the meeting for their own safety.

The organized attack comes as liberals are increasingly employing targeted political violence in response to Americans rejecting their agenda. Liberal enraged over the failure to win the 2016 presidential election attempted to use mob violence to stop Trump’s inauguration, setting fire to cars in downtown Washington, D.C. and hurling bricks at the heads of police officers.
 Source: AAN
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