Liberal Media Forced to Acknowledge Successful North Korea Policy

New York Times national security reporter and CNN contributor David Sanger gave President Donald Trump credit on Tuesday for a recent breakthrough in North Korea talks.

CNN's Alisyn Camerota pushed Sanger on the credit Trump is due after South Korea announcedTuesday it would be holding its first summit with North Korea in more than a decade in late April. North Korea also vowed to halt nuclear and missile tests while talking with the United States and its souther neighbor. The announcement came after a senior delegation returned from a visit to the North where they met leader Kim Jong Un.

"But David, in terms of giving President Trump the credit, don't you need to rewind the tape back farther than the Olympics?" she asked. Camerota's reference to the 2018 Winter Olympic games held in South Korea was to acknowledge it was a time viewed by many as a major step forward in improving relations between the two Koreas.

Camerota referenced that during Trump's presidential transition period, he was already talking about sitting down and negotiating with Kim.
 Source: Free Beacon
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