Leaked Docs Reveal AFL-CIO Secretly Operating as Liberal Slush Fund

  • 05/21/2019 12:00 AM
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Leaked Docs Reveal AFL-CIO Secretly Operating as Liberal Slush Fund
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Organized labor is the liberal movement’s single largest source of cash, and newly leaked documents reveal the nation’s largest labor union is spending almost all of its members’ funds pushing radical causes and candidates they oppose.

A leaked internal budget for the AFL-CIO, the nation's largest labor federation, shows that it devotes more than three times as much to political advocacy as it does to organizing and recruiting new members. The imbalance comes despite a membership decline for the federation and the labor movement in general,” The Washington Examiner’s Sean Higgins reports.

“The AFL-CIO's 2018–2019 budget, acquired by Splinter, lists the total amount allocated to organizing about $5 million. In the same year, the federation allocated about $40.6 million to ‘political, electoral and issue mobilization,’” Higgins reports.

The AFL-CIO’s stated purpose is to represent its members in negotiations with employers, but the leaked numbers reveal its actual purpose is to funnel member’s donations to politics, leaving just a pittance for representation.

The decision to focus on politics instead of representing and increasing its own membership may be playing a role in the rapid decline of labor unions.

“The emphasis on political spending over organizing comes despite the steady erosion in membership for the AFL-CIO over the years. The federation listed its total membership at just under 14 million in 2005, according to Labor Department filings. That slipped to 12.4 million as of last year. The overall labor movement is 10.5% of the workforce, down from 12.4% a decade ago,” Higgins reports.

The number of Right to Work states, in which one cannot be fired or denied a job for declining to join a union, is on the rise as labor unions’ increasing political radicalism and decreasing focus on serving members make them less attractive to workers.

The AFL-CIO spent millions opposing Donald Trump in 2016, despite the fact union members were fairly evenly split between Trump and Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton. Clinton enjoyed only an eight-point advantage over Trump, far less than the 18-point margin Obama had in 2012.

The union is also spending millions to block Right to Work legislation and repeal existing Right to Work laws, despite decades of polling showing their own members support it. Forced dues from members who join only to avoid being fired account for a large amount of the total funding coming in to union bosses.

In fact, the Center for Responsive Politics finds that from 1989 to 2014 14 of the 25 biggest contributors to political campaigns across America were labor unions, fueled by forced dues and spending those dollars on expanding their political influence instead of representing members.

“Public- and private-sector unions contributed 55.6 percent — $552 million — of the top 25’s contributions,” National Review reported on the findings. “Large private companies contributed $441 million in campaign contributions.”

One of those was the AFL-CIO.
 Source: AAN
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