Latest Kavanaugh Smear Epically Backfires

  • 08/26/2019 12:00 AM
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Latest Kavanaugh Smear Epically Backfires
Americans are sick and tired of Fake News, and they’re fighting back.

The latest is a Mississippi man falsely accused by The Huffington Post of supplying cocaine to Robert F. Kennedy’s son David, who then died of an overdose, in a story that attempted to smear then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

That man, David Evans, is now suing the Post and the article’s author Ashley Feinberg, known for digging up dirt on conservative figures Sebastian Gorka and Josh Duggar.

Evans, a classmate of Kavanaugh at Georgetown Preparatory School in the 1980s, was directly accused by Feinberg in a story that made it appear the cocaine deal was a documented, established fact.

Evans denies the allegation entirely.

“Evans, an African-American professor and community activist who attended Georgetown Prep on a full scholarship, filed a defamation lawsuit Wednesday claiming HuffPost made no effort to contact him before accusing him of a crime that led to a man's death. The complaint chalks the inaccuracies in the piece up to a ‘zeal to create a sensational article about Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s years at [Georgetown Prep] and thereby drive traffic to its website,” The Washington Free Beacon reports.

“Indeed, if Ms. Feinberg or her HuffPost editors had done even the most basic research of publicly available sources, she and they would have known, if they did not already know, that Mr. Evans actively assisted law enforcement in identifying and prosecuting the individuals who actually sold the illegal narcotics,” the suit asserts.

The claim was so false and defamatory the Post was forced to issue a correction.

That correction was also false and defamatory, alleging Evans did not supply the cocaine but was “present” when Kennedy was given the drugs.

That forced Evans to finally sue the Post for fabricating stories.

Feinberg now writes for Slate.
 Source: AAN
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