Koch Brothers Float Possibility of Supporting Democrats

  • 06/10/2019 12:00 AM
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Koch Brothers Float Possibility of Supporting Democrats
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The substantial resources of the Koch network may go to Democrats for the sake of bipartisanship in 2020. 

An internal memo from Emily Seidel, CEO of Americans for Prosperity stated the longstanding conservative advocacy group would "support the primary election of lawmakers, regardless of political party, who stick their necks out to lead diverse policy coalitions." (National Review)

"AFP or AFP Action [the group's super PAC] will be ready to engage contested U.S. Senate, U.S. House, and state-level primary races, including Republican, Democrat, Independent or otherwise, to support sitting legislators who lead by uniting with others to pass principled policy and get good things done," Seidel's memo said.

The Koch network, collectively referred to as "Stand Together," has struggled to find a political home since President Trump took office.

While the group did endorse the bipartisan criminal-justice-reform package signed last year, it has staunchly opposed the administration's restrictionist immigration preferences — especially its approach to the status of so-called Dreamers — as well as the protectionist trade policies that have increasingly captivated the congressional Republicans.

According to Seidel's memo, the network has created four new PACs to address these issues and provide support to any candidate, Democrat or Republican, who shares its goals. The Economic Opportunity PAC, for example, will back candidates opposed to increased regulation on business, while the Uniting for Free Trade PAC will support candidates giving voice to Americans harmed by tariffs.

It remains unclear whether Democrats will take the Kochs' offer. Charles Koch himself expressed similar misgivings about Trump's populism before 2018 but went on to support only Republicans during the midterms.
 Source: AAN
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