Joe & Mika Slam Trump While 'Rehabilitating' Alleged Predator

  • 2019-05-07
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Joe & Mika Slam Trump While 'Rehabilitating' Alleged Predator
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Morning Joe co-hosts Joe Scarborough and especially Mika Brzezinski voice their visceral hatred for sexual harassers.

Except when it comes to liberals, like White House hopeful Joe Biden’s questionable advances, and more concerningly – disgraced pundit Mark Halperin.

Halperin lost his job at NBC News, his gig with Joe and Mika, and a lucrative book deal after decades worth of allegations revealed how he sexually assaulted up-and-coming women in the world of journalism while being in a position of power.

Per Red State:

In the ensuing years Halperin had initially disappeared, but of late he has been gradually cultivating a return to relevance. According to the TDB report, Halperin has been making overtures to various individuals who may assist in bringing him back to a level of public exposure. Among those looking to lend him support — Joe & Mika, those moral authorities with little tolerance for sexual predators.

Last year, ahead of the midterm elections, the hosts had planned on creating an online program to cover the various races, with Halperin contributing. They did so without first being granted approval to include the deposed pundit.

According to multiple sources at MSNBC—which, along with NBC News, dismissed Halperin as an on-air political analyst when the allegations surfaced—the network scrapped a plan for the Morning Joe anchors last fall to collaborate with Halperin on an online-only program analyzing the 2018 midterms. According to these sources, Scarborough and Brzezinski didn’t seek prior approval to involve their friend and former regular panelist in the show, and colleagues reacted with surprise and concern when they got wind of the scheme. “Everybody was going ‘WTF!,'” said one MSNBC insider.

It was early last month when Mika included a segment on their morning program about an appearance Halperin made on Sirius XM Radio. He sat in with Michael Smerconish, and Mika warmly detailed Halperin’s efforts at rebuilding his reputation. Then just this morning Mika’s paramour Joe Scarborough — possibly oblivious to the Daily Beast report that had been filed Thursday in the evening — hilariously substantiated the article.

 Source: AAN
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