Joe Biden Makes Major Announcement

  • 10/11/2019 12:00 AM
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Joe Biden Makes Major Announcement
The White House [Public domain]
Former Vice President Joe Biden made a gaffe by pretending to come out as gay at an LGBTQ town hall, going so far as to reminisce about San Francisco's bathhouse culture and "around-the-clock sex."

Biden joined other Democratic candidates for president at the event sponsored by CNN and the Human Rights Campaign. (Daily Mail)

Biden was describing how he made his first public statement supporting same sex marriage in 2012 when he said he came out - an accidental play on words that had the audience laughing. 

'For example, when I came out and - I came out - when I publicly stated,' he said.


That led to a the former vice president reminiscing about how gay rights and acceptance of LGBTQ people has changed since he took first was elected to the Senate in the 1970s.
'Think about Los Angeles here. If you had a business lunch 8, 10 years ago, and there were six or seven people at the lunch, and a gay waiter came up and said something that identified himself being gay, in fact, if one of the people made fun of that waiter, the vast majority of people wouldn't have said anything at the table. Today you'd all look at him and say, if you're straight as can be, look at him and say, what the hell is the matter with you? And he'd never be invited back,' Biden pointed out.

 Source: AAN
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