Is Obama Quietly Plotting to Overthrow Trump?

  • 07/02/2018 12:00 AM
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Is Obama Quietly Plotting to Overthrow Trump?
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As liberals lament former President Barack Obama’s seeming silence about President Donald Trump’s policies, and conservatives no longer see him as a threat, the lifetime radical organizer is only growing more dangerous.

New York Post opinion columnist Paul Sperry delved into Obama’s recent activities, and found the former Commader-In-Chief is quietly organizing a political army to overthrow Trump.

Sperry writes, in part:

From his sprawling DC office not far from the White House, where he oversees a full-time staff of 20, Obama has held regular meetings with Democratic lawmakers, as well as DNC chief Tom Perez, whom he personally helped install to run the Democratic Party. Obama has also met with his attorney general, Eric Holder, to craft a strategy to redraw congressional district maps in Democrats’ favor, according to Politico. Holder now runs the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, which Obama helped his old friend launch.

But it’s Obama’s political group, Organizing for America, that poses the biggest threat.

Sperry calls OFA “the organizing and training hub of the anti-Trump resistance.

He writes:

OFA helped stage rallies across the country against the administration’s border policies, which it has decried as “cruel and inhumane.” OFA describes itself as a “nonpartisan grass-roots-driven organization,” but it clearly has a pro-Obama agenda. In fact, it’s run almost entirely by alums from Obama’s campaign and White House, including Jon Carson and Jim Messina, who co-chair the group, and Katie Hogan, who serves as its executive director, according to recent tax filings by the nonprofit.​

While Obama no longer has an official role in OFA, he continues to sign emails for the group, run strategy and speak on their behalf.

This “behind the scenes” strategy allows Obama to mastermind “The Resistance” while avoiding attracting the attention that would come with having an official title.

Obama’s OFA has a budget of as much as $14 million, and deploys liberal activists to campaigns in key states.

“Obama has skillfully kept his distance from recent anti-Trump protests and politicking. But behind the scenes, he really may be coordinating the resistance — and acting as its organizer in chief,” Sperry writes.
 Source: AAN
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