Iraqi Refugee Announces Campaign Against Ilhan Omar

  • 01/16/2020 12:00 AM
  • Source: AAN
  • by: AAN Staff
Dalia al-Aqidi's compelling life story alone ensures she isn't your typical politician.

A devout Muslim, al-Aqidi left Iraq as a refugee and found safety in America.

With that diverse background, al-Aqidi believes she can negate Ilhan Omar's effective use of identity politics and defeat her in this year's congressional elections.

Per Fox News:

Al-Aqidi, who discussed her newly launched campaign in an interview with Fox News, joins a growing field of Republicans looking to take on Omar. "She needs to be stopped," al-Aqidi told Fox News in a phone interview. "I truly believe that I'm strong enough to beat her at her own game."

She explained that in a race between the two of them, Omar would be limited in using her background as a Muslim woman who came to the U.S. as a refugee from Somalia to distinguish them — because they are "basically the same" in that backstory, she said.

Al-Aqidi decried the use of identity politics on the campaign trail.

"Muslims, Christians, Jews are all Americans," she said, while going on to blast Omar's past comments that have been labeled anti-Semitic.

"I am loyal to the country that gave me a chance, gave me a brighter future," al-Aqidi added.

Defeating Omar would be an unprecedented upset. With a Cook Partisan Voting Index of D+26, her 5th District seat is by far the most liberal in Minnesota.
 Source: AAN
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