INSIDERS: Obama Preparing to Attack Bernie

  • 01/23/2020 12:00 AM
  • Source: AAN
  • by: AAN Staff
INSIDERS: Obama Preparing to Attack Bernie
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According to a tweet from Fox Business Network's Senior Correspondent Charles Gasparino, Democratic Party insiders who have spoken with Barack Obama said the former president is increasingly worried that Bernie Sanders' rise in the polls will benefit President Trump.

Gasparino's sources say the president is considering issuing a public statement to address his growing concerns.
While plenty of liberals are outright dismissing this scoop as more Fox News spin, they either remain oblivious to or refuse to acknowledge that former Obama campaign manager Jim Messina appeared on MSNBC earlier today to lambaste Bernie Sanders as "the worst candidate" Democrats could select in 2020. (Mediaite)

Senator Sanders’ recent surge in some polls appears to be alarming some Democrats like Messina, who appeared on Thursday morning’s edition of MSNBC’s Morning Joe to discuss a recent survey of young voters that shows Sanders with huge leads over his Democratic competitors and Trump.

Messina pointed out that young people are historically less likely to vote, but conceded that if millennial voters turn out in large numbers, “it will change the electoral math.”

But he argued that Sanders’ emphasis on programs like free college tuition is “a message I think is gonna get him killed” in the general election.

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“I think he’s the worst candidate in a general election for exactly that reason,” Messina said.

While Obama himself hasn't officially weighed in, Messina is but the latest high-profile Democrat to express their opinion on Sanders' electability.
 Source: AAN
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