Immigration plan angers Republicans, satisfies Democrats

Republicans called it lawless and unconstitutional, Democrats called it bold and meaningful.

President Obama's announcement that 5 million illegal immigrants would be spared deportation and permitted to apply for work permits generated anger from the GOP. But it elicited satisfaction from Democrats, whose base of Latino voters had been clamoring for the president to change the nation’s immigration policy ever since it became clear that Congress would not pass comprehensive immigration reform this year.

“We did it,” Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., who had been pushing for Obama to stop non-criminal deportations, said in a televised message to constituents Thursday night. “We worked so hard to achieve relief for families from tragic deportations.”

Democratic leaders took the position that the president had little choice but to act on his own because House Republicans had refused to take up a comprehensive immigration reform bill.

 Source: Washington Examiner
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