ICYMI: Megan McCain Called Joy Behar What You (Probably) Always Wanted To

  • 06/28/2019 12:00 AM
  • Source: AAN
  • by: AAN Staff
Megan McCain and her co-host Joy Behar found themselves in a nasty argument over President Donald Trump as tempers flared on Wednesday. 

Fox News reports:

"The View" may have 99 problems, but the word "b—h" ain't one.

Meghan McCain and Joy Behar made headlines Wednesday when the self-professed "sacrificial Republican" called the comedian "b—h" during a heated argument about President Donald Trump's re-election rally.

McCain, 34, defended her use of the misogynist term, cracking, “Oh, Joy and I call each other b—h all the time.”

Whoopi Goldberg told the audience, “You know, sometimes we get spirited on this show. We used to say 'b—h' all the time and then one of the people that was here used to get upset, and now 'b—h' has creeped in. They’re good with 'b—h!'”

We're sorry this is happening to you, Meghan. Of course, you agreed  – for millions of dollars – to be that show's sacrificial Republican.

Maybe you should learn to be a better debater.
 Source: AAN
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