How the Radical Left is Helping Trump

  • 05/27/2016 12:00 AM
  • Source: AAN
  • by: AAN Staff

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The radical Left is as terrified about Donald Trump as they're excited about Bernie Sanders. Their protests have included everything, from rock throwing and road blocking to assaults on police. As the Washington Examiner notes, in their zeal to protest his presidential candidacy, the wacky left may actually be helping Trump:

It's not even as though the rioters' tactics, which began with the violent shutdown of a Trump rally in Chicago in March, actually work. The headline-grabbing antics actually do the opposite of stopping Trump. Destroying property and throwing rocks and bottles at police officers makes the GOP nominee look more attractive than the alternative the Left offers. His own musings about punching protesters on the nose suddenly seem mild by comparison.

If Trump wins the general election in November, he should send fruit baskets to the organizers of the latest unrest. They are generating sympathy for him by ensuring that a noisy proportion of his supporters are identified as asses who need to be defeated.

There's nothing more American than peacefully protesting a candidate you dislike, in person, in print, online or over the airwaves. It's an activity we encourage and regularly engage in. But free speech is a two-word principle. It's not just the word "free" that counts, but also the word "speech." The First Amendment does not protect "free rock throwing" or "free fire starting." Those activities deserve no respect, and rob their perpetrators of any.

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 Source: AAN
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