Gowdy to Hillary: It's Not About You, It's About the Truth!

  • Oct 22, 2015
  • Source: AAN
  • by: AAN Staff

Hillary Clinton, who shamelessly failed to act while four Americans were killed in Benghazi, tried to assert that the committee was nothing more than a witch hunt. Benghazi Select Committee Chair Trey Gowdy was not having it:

Madame Secretary, I understand some people - frankly in both parties -have suggested this investigation is about you. Let me assure you it is not. And let me assure you why it is not. This work is about something much more important than any single person. It is about four U.S. government workers, including our Ambassador, murdered by terrorists on foreign soil. It is about what happened before, during, and after the attacks that killed these four men. It is about what this country owes those who risk their lives to serve it. It is about the fundamental obligation of our government to tell the truth - always - to the American people. Not a single member of this Committee signed up for an investigation into you or your email system. We signed up because we wanted to honor the service and sacrifice of 4 people sent to a foreign land to represent us - who were killed - and do everything we can to prevent it from happening to others.

Our Committee has interviewed half a hundred witnesses, not a single one of them has been named Clinton until today. You were the Secretary of State for this country when our facility was attacked. So, of course this Committee is going to talk to you. You are an important witness, but you are just one important witness, among half a hundred important witnesses.

Hillary has spent the morning hemming, hawing, and filibustering her way in any which direction runs away from responsibility for her actions. That is likely to continue. But Americans who want to get to the bottom of this should feel confident that Trey Gowdy is going to do everything he can to get to the bottom of this. 

 Source: AAN
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