French Police 'Neutralize' Suspected Terrorist

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French police gunned down a suspected terrorist wearing a mock explosive vest amid a knife attack that rocked metropolitan Paris. 

Before being killed, witnesses reported the man repeatedly yelled 'Allahu Akbar.' The 22-year-old stabbed three people during the rampage and killed a 56-year-old man who successfully defended his wife.   

The attack occurred in the suburb of Villejuif, about five miles south of Paris.

Per the Daily Mail:

Police said the man appeared to be wearing an explosive vest and had made off towards a Carrefour supermarket just under a mile away where he was 'neutralised,' shot several times and died at the scene. 


The knifeman has been identified by French media as Nathan C. by his card details which say he was born in 1997 in Lilas, a commune in the eastern suburbs of Paris.

Several sources said Nathan C. suffered from 'psychological problems.'

He was not being tracked as a religious zealot, although 'elements linked to religion' that 'suggested he had converted to Islam' were found among his personal effects, the local prosecutor's office said. 

The other two victims remain in critical condition.
 Source: AAN
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