Fox News Reporter Foils Illegals Attempt to Cross Border

  • 2018-10-23
  • Source: AAN
  • by: AAN Staff
Fox News' Griff Jenkins witnessed an attempt by several illegal immigrants to enter the United States, while a massive migrant caravan pushes closers to the southern border. 

Fox News Insider reports:

Awaiting a border crossing attempt in McAllen, Texas, Jenkins and his camera crew saw a group -- not part of the caravan -- crossing the Rio Grande in a raft.

He said that a family was in the raft, along with a smuggler who was steering it.

"Excuse me 
sir, were you trying to cross into America illegally?" Jenkins called out before the smuggler paddled to a different part of the river bank.



The growing caravan of immigrants from Central America continues to inch closer to the southern border and is reportedly more than a mile long.

Later, Jenkins spoke with an illegal immigrant aboard a second raft crossing the river.

A woman told Jenkins she made the trek with two others and a small child due to the situation in Honduras.

"You cannot work there because the criminal always will get your money," she said.
 Source: AAN
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