Fox News Reeling After Newest Sex Scandal

  • 07/07/2019 12:00 AM
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Fox News Reeling After Newest Sex Scandal
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John Finley, the leading executive at Fox Nation, Fox News' conservative opinion streaming service, found himself accused of sexual misconduct by a producer at Fox News.

The bombshell underscores the turmoil ongoing at Fox Nation, where host Britt McHenry recently filed a sexual harassment claim against former co-host Tyrus.

While the network says it resolved McHenry's claim against Tyrus, she has hired an employment lawyer.

Finley's alleged misconduct occurred while he was an executive producer on Hannity

The latest allegations have put his leadership under a microscope.

Per The Hollywood Reporter:

John Finley, a veteran Fox News executive, was elevated earlier this year to run the service. "Does anybody need another OTT service where it's just people sitting behind a desk reading headlines all day? I don't think so," he told The Hollywood Reporter at the time of the launch.

But the streamer has quickly been beset by internal conflict and controversy, putting Finley's leadership under a microscope.


Finley's decision-making is complicated by his own history at the network. In 2011, when he served as executive producer of Sean Hannity's show, Finley himself was the subject of an employee-initiated human resources investigation for misconduct, THR has learned.

The network's HR department investigated a producer's claims and ultimately cleared Finley after finding insufficient written evidence of misconduct, though the network turned up one problematic email chain as part of the investigation.

 Source: AAN
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