Fox News Host Reveals Imminent Surgery, Says Goodbye

  • 07/07/2019 12:00 AM
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  • by: AAN Staff
One of Fox News' most famous voices announced today he is taking time off to donate part of his liver to his sister who is fighting a degenerative disease.

That voice belongs to none other than Ed Henry. 

The Daily Caller's Virginia Kruta has more:

Henry, who regularly hosts “Fox & Friends Weekend,” fought back tears as he made the announcement during Sunday morning’s show.

Henry is scheduled to undergo surgery Tuesday to donate approximately one-third of his liver to replace his sister’s, which due to a hereditary condition, is failing. Because the liver can regenerate, if the transplant is successful, both donor and recipient could have a fully-functioning liver within a matter of weeks.

But as Henry noted, being a living donor is not just as simple as “finding a match.” Donors must be healthy enough to withstand both the physical and mental impact of the procedure — and for that reason, he had his own medical team doing a series of tests and evaluations before he was even able to inform Colleen that he was planning to attempt donation.

“In my case, I desperately wanted to donate without reservation, but the doctors instructed me I first had to lose 10 to 15 pounds to cleanse fat from my liver and get the medical clearance needed for surgery,” Henry explained.

 Source: AAN
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