Forget DNAgate, This Scandal May DESTROY Liawatha

  • 2019-01-15
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Forget DNAgate, This Scandal May DESTROY Liawatha
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The 2020 Democratic presidential field is quickly forming, and most polls show Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren leading all other contenders.

She’s been roundly criticized by Republicans and openly mocked by President Trump for lying about her ethnicity, but there’s a hidden scandal most don’t know about, and it’s one that could destroy her with Democrats.

Years before she was a United States Senator, she became a liberal folk hero by publicly attacking banks, accusing them of predatory behavior and preying upon people in the wake of a 2008 wave of home mortgage collapses.

But what most liberals don’t know is before she attacked banks for kicking families out of their homes, she was banking six figures at a time buying homes out from under families and flipping them for big profits.

And according to one Oklahoma family, she may have misled an elderly stroke victim and widow to snatch their long-time family home for pennies on the dollar.

In a little-noticed 2015 report, National Review revealed a side of Warren she wants to keep hidden from liberal voters, the sly opportunist willing to bump an elderly woman out of her home to make a buck.

“Nearly two years after Veo Vessels died, her daughter, 70-year-old Mary Frances Hickman, decided to sell the home her mother had left to her. A sprawling brick house in Oklahoma City’s historic Highland Park neighborhood, it was built in 1924, just a year after Mary’s birth.

“It was really, really nice,” says Hickman’s granddaughter, Andrea Martin. That’s part of the reason she’s so surprised her grandmother sold the home in 1993 for a mere $30,000. Despite a debilitating stroke, Martin says Hickman remained sharp, and she had always been business-savvy. As an Avon saleswoman, she had at times ranked among the top ten in the country. “So I don’t know why,” Martin says. “Maybe she just wanted out from underneath it, but to sell it for such a low number — I don’t know. Maybe she got bad advice, maybe she was just tired.”

The home’s new owner: Elizabeth Warren, today a Massachusetts senator who has built a political career on denouncing the sort of banking titans and financial sophisticates who make a buck off the little guy. Five months after purchasing Veo Vessels’ old home, Warren flipped the property, selling it for $115,000 more than she’d paid, according to Oklahoma County Property Assessor records…

… Hickman’s granddaughter Martin says of the home flip: “I don’t think it’s right, but I don’t really know much about it. . . . You flip houses to make a profit, so I can’t really fault [Warren] much.

Warren’s side business of buying homes in often-impoverished rural Oklahoma and flipping them for big cash helped make her a millionaire. She snapped up one foreclosed home for only $4,000, transferred it to her brother, and sold it for a 650% profit.

“Even excluding the property sold by her brother, Warren and her husband have made at least $240,500 flipping homes (before deducting the unknown sum they invested in remodeling),” NR notes.

The Boston Globe, noting Warren was elected on a platform of attacking those who make profit off foreclosures, reports her get-rich-quick schemes “don’t seem to square with her public statements about the latest real estate boom and bust.”

You can bet more than one of her Democrat opponents is preparing ads right now that will blow the lid off this right before Iowa and New Hampshire.
 Source: AAN
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