Fmr Fox News Star Notably Absent After Trump Claim

  • 01/10/2020 12:00 AM
  • Source: AAN
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Fmr Fox News Star Notably Absent After Trump Claim
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Former Fox News reporter and on-again, off-again Fox & Friends co-host Courtney Friel claimed ten years ago Donald Trump made a pass at her, despite Friel being married.

Friel said that over a phone call, Trump exclaimed that she was "the hottest one at Fox News." He then told her to come to his office in Trump Tower "so we can kiss," Friel claimed. 

Per the New York Daily News:

The journalist who now works as an anchor at KTLA-TV in Los Angeles says she was “shocked” by the advance.

“'Donald,' I responded, ‘I believe we’re both married.’ I quickly ended the call,” she wrote.

The alleged proposition angered Friel, who said that it made it challenging to report on Trump with a straight face before adding that she believes the president's other accusers. 

Friel, a weekend anchor at KTLA, was noticeably absent from air following the New York Daily News' report.

The White House has not responded to the allegations.
 Source: AAN
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