FBI Lawyer Implicates Comey, McCabe, and Others

  • 05/24/2019 12:00 AM
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FBI Lawyer Implicates Comey, McCabe, and Others
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Every day the IG report started by Attorney General Bill Barr moves closer to completion. 

Every day those behind the handling of the Trump-Russia probe have more and more reason to squirm. (RedState)

One session revealed this week involves Trisha Anderson, an FBI lawyer who signed off on the Carter Page warrants. She testified in August of 2018 on her role and what she knew regarding how the process went down.

In her testimony, she alleges that the application process for the FISA warrant was handled in an “unusual” fashion and that numerous Obama era FBI officials were involved at the highest levels in pushing it through. [emphasis added]

But Anderson stressed “in this particular case, I’m drawing a distinction because my boss and my boss’ boss had already reviewed and approved this application.” She emphasized “this one was handled a little bit differently in that sense, in that it received very high-level review and approvals — informal, oral approvals — before it ever came to me for signature.”

Normally, a FISA application would go to the legal department first to confirm that it is indeed proper to press forward with. In this case, top officials informally “approved” the application first, signaling to Anderson that her signature was just perfunctory.

 Source: AAN
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