Famous Lib: National Anthem A Scam To Turn Boys Into Murderers

  • 09/25/2017 12:00 AM
  • Source: NewsBusters
  • by: Corinne Weaver
Famous Lib: National Anthem A Scam To Turn Boys Into Murderers
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First they came for the statues, now they are coming for the national anthem. The left wants to rip the virtue of patriotism from the public eye. For some progressives, it isn’t enough that NFL players use the anthem for their protest. The anthem itself is a problem.

On Sunday, MSNBC Live with Thomas Roberts, actor Jesse Williams (Grey’s Anatomy) expressed his opinion on Trump, the national anthem, and the NFL. He believed that the NFL was owned by Trump supporters who were “close friends with a very horrible guy who thinks he’s a dictator.” Williams also said that “We’re North Korea,” and finally, that the national anthem has nothing to do with the NFL, but “is a scam.” He told Roberts (who agreed) that the anthem was meant “to get boys and girls to go fly overseas and go kill people.”

Williams stated that he wanted to see the owners speak, since “there is an entire league of people, a league of owners, blocking this man and others from being able to fulfill their dreams and do what they’be been able to do. This league is rife with mediocre white quarterbacks that are not as good as Colin Kaepernick.”

But Roberts egged the actor on to talk about Trump and whether or not the president was “gaslighting people” by saying that his supporters could do whatever they wanted, and that he wasn’t calling for an NFL boycott. Williams finally broke into a “fake news” tirade, with this rant aimed at the national anthem and NFL owners:
 Source: NewsBusters
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