Fake Victims: Anti-Gun Activists Stoop to Sickening New Low

  • 07/08/2019 12:00 AM
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Fake Victims: Anti-Gun Activists Stoop to Sickening New Low
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The anti-gun agenda has always been built on lies.

But frustrated by popular opposition to their agenda, some anti-gun activists are stooping to a new low — falsely pretending to have been involved in a mass shooting.

Elizabeth McCarthy is a Democrat candidate for the Florida House of Representatives running on a platform of gun confiscation, citing her experience as an emergency room doctor who removed 77 bullets from victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida.

She’s also a liar who made the whole thing up to push a political agenda.

The Orlando Sentinel reports:

“It was one of hardest things to work through in my career,” C. Elizabeth McCarthy says in a video of the March 21 forum posted on U.S. Rep. Darren Soto’s Facebook page. “That night of Pulse, I personally removed 77 bullets from 32 victims. ... It was like an assembly line.”

But according to the Florida Department of Health, McCarthy has never been issued a license of any type by the state agency to practice medicine in Florida.

Orlando Regional Medical Center, a Level I Trauma Center which treated almost all of the 53 surviving victims has no record of McCarthy ever working there.

The anti-gun hoaxster was pushed and promoted by liberal Democrat Congressman Darren Soto, who featured her in his anti-gun town hall rallies.

“Obviously the congressman is very troubled and disappointed by this,” Soto’s communications director Oriana Piña tells the Sentinel.

When a disturbed teen killed ten students at Santa Fe High School south of Houston, Texas, anti-gun activists ran into a problem — the residents and students wanted nothing to do with them.

That is, except for substitute teacher David Briscoe, who told a harrowing tale of barricading the doors to his English class, instructing students to muffle their screams with their hands and of seeing blood smeared on walls.

Briscoe would recount this tale to the media for two years and spoke of going to schools to give speeches on what lawmakers can do to stop gun violence.

He would appear on CNN and his tale was spread by anti-gun activists hoping to terrorize Americans into handing over their guns for confiscation.

One problem: David Briscoe was making it all up. He was never a substitute teacher, never worked at Santa Fe High School and didn’t even live in Texas.

The Texas Tribune reports:

... Lindsey Campbell, a spokeswoman for Santa Fe Independent School District, said it had no record of anyone named David Briscoe being employed by the district in any capacity and that the district is confident no one by that name was on campus the day of the shooting last year.

“We are extremely disappointed that an individual that has never been a part of our school community would represent themselves as a survivor of the mass violence tragedy that our community endured,” said Santa Fe ISD Superintendent Leigh Wall. “This situation illustrates how easily misinformation can be created and circulated, especially when the amount of detailed information available is limited due to the still ongoing investigation.”

Public records show Briscoe was a Florida resident at the time of the shooting.

How many other anti-gun activists are completely lying and are just waiting to be exposed?
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