'Don't Be Such a Baby!': Fox News Host Scolds Pompeo

  • 01/27/2020 12:00 AM
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'Don't Be Such a Baby!': Fox News Host Scolds Pompeo
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Unquestionably pro-Trump Fox News host Steve Hilton held nothing back in his criticism of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo last night, lambasting the senior cabinet official as a "baby" and a "bully" for erupting at an NPR reporter.

Pompeo's reported outburst occurred after a contentious interview.

Per Mediaite:

NPR’s Mary Louise Kelly interviewed Pompeo for All Things Considered last week, asking questions about Iran and Ukraine. After the interview, Pompeo was so enraged by Kelly’s questions about Ukraine that he unleashed an expletive-laden tirade that culminated in the secretary of state demanding Kelly — a reporter with a master’s degree in European studies — locate Ukraine on a map.

“Secretary of State Mike Pompeo got into an ugly dustup with an NPR reporter this week and I’ve got something I want to get off my chest,” Fox’s Steve Hilton explained Sunday night, before making clear he’s a “big fan” of Pompeo.

“But last week, Pompeo lost his temper after an interview with NPR’s Mary Louise Kelly unleashing a four-letter word tirade, putting out a ridiculous statement, whining about what questions he’d agreed to answer,” Hilton said. “I listen to NPR a lot. And I can tell you that Mary Louise Kelly is one of the very few hosts on there who actually seems fair and is not totally biased against President Trump.”

“For goodness sake, Mr. Secretary, don’t be such a baby!” Hilton continued. “You should be able to handle tough questions by now and don’t be such a bully. Foul-mouth ranting at a reporter doing her job is an embarrassment to you and the administration.”

Do you think Pompeo should apologize, or was the dust-up justifiable?
 Source: AAN
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