Doctors Say Biden Underwent Surgery Before White House Run

  • 09/19/2019 12:00 AM
  • Source: AAN
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Doctors Say Biden Underwent Surgery Before White House Run
Cosmetic surgeons say prominent scars on the periphery of Joe Biden's face are a clear sign the 76-year-old Democratic front-runner went under the knife before announcing his presidential bid.

The surgery, believed to be a facelift, gave Biden a more youthful appearance by removing excess facial skin.

The Washington Examiner's Joseph Simonson has more:

Up close, large vertical scars beginning at the top of the outside of his ear canal to roughly a half inch below the lobe can be seen on both sides of the former vice president's face. Separate horizontal scars stretch from behind his ear to his upper neck.

"Oh he's had a facelift, there's no question," said leading New York-based cosmetic surgeon Dr. Arthur Perry, who is also an associate adjunct professor at Columbia Medical School.

He described the size of Biden's incisions as "incredible" and "fairly recent." He said: "The scars come too far from his ear. This is very hard to correct."

"You can see the beard hair on his ear," Perry said. "You normally don't have to shave that part of your ear. Joe does." He added that Biden would have to have the procedure repeated to correct the blemishes.

 Source: AAN
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