DNC Update: Democrats Bury their Heads in the Sand on this Major Issue

  • 07/26/2016 12:00 AM
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If you aren't watching the Democratic Convention, you're not missing much. The Democrats said a lot of silly things yesterday, and by the end of it, one thing was clear: if Republicans are out of touch with the average American voters, Democrats are openly hostile to them. 

First, the Bernie Bros got a kick in the teeth when the Sixties Socialist Senator from Vermont who left his brain at Woodstock told them that this is "the real world" and implored them to vote for Hillary Clinton.  As you can imagine, the millennials, college professors, and assorted sandalistas who comprise the Sanders campaign were not thrilled with being told "no." As children are wont to do, they spent the rest of the day stomping their feet and wailing uncontrollably.

I can't stress enough how the booing didn't stop. When the proceedings began, Democrats booed loudly throughout the benediction(the real news is that there was a benediction at all):

After that, a slew of people  tried to make the case that if your child is cute enough and your story sad enough, the immigration laws shouldn't apply to you. That part was partially in Spanish, because in an election where the GOP nominee won in a landslide running on an anti-immigration platform, Democrats think that's a winning strategy.

Next, a Hispanic congressman who supports giving Obamacare to illegal aliens vowed to work with Hillary Clinton to bring down the NRA. There was some more awful right after that. Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey tried to pretend that the economy in his ghost town riddled, steel barren state is totally fine. Two washed up comedians mocked Bernie supporters and told them to abandon their children and quit their jobs, and then Michelle Obama gave a speech in support of Hillary Clinton saying she urged her daughters to ignore any candidate who questioned her husband's faith or birthplace, which is odd, considering both of those scandals originated with the Hillary '08 campaign. Maybe Sasha and Malia can vote for Jill Stein?

Lest we forget, Corey Booker, whose speech could be summed up in one tweet:

Booker took to the stage and shouted a word salad of names and inspirational figures like he was doing a low rent Youtube politically tinged cover of Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire." He then had the audacity to question Donald Trump's record as a businessman in Atlantic City. This is rich coming from Booker, who, before he became a Senator, was delivering sappy speeches as the Mayor of Newark New Jersey. As the Daily Beast's Olivia Nuzzi noted during Booker's Senate campaign:

 Months after he first entered the Senate, the New Jersey comptroller alleged that under Booker’s watch—or, more likely, because he was not watching—corruption ran rampant at a publicly funded water-treatment and reservoir-management agency, where Booker’s former law partner served as counsel. And speaking of his former law career: Despite having resigned from his law firm once entering the mayor’s office, Booker received annual payments until 2011, during which time the firm was profiting handsomely off of Brick City. That would be the Brick City that Booker professed to love with the fire of a thousand suns, but did little to fundamentally change. Murder, violent crime, unemployment, and taxes all rose dramatically under his stewardship.

It's the sort of speech that would only be acceptable in the participation trophy party, and so it's no wonder that it was viewed by many as a resounding success.

Another unaccomplished senator, Goofy Elizabeth Warren, once again tried to pretend that she grew up dirt poor in Fishtown, although to her credit, she seemed to leave out her days walking the Trail of Tears.

So viewers saw all of that, as loud as the Bernie Bros tried to boo everything down. But there were two things you didn't hear. Not one mention of terrorism, and not one mention of ISIS. As Politico noted:

Republicans’ claim that Democrats did not mention terrorism or ISIL on the first night of the Democratic National Convention is correct, PolitiFact said Tuesday morning.

Following Monday night’s speeches, Republicans blasted the Democrats for a lack of focus on terrorism from the 61 speakers.

“Based on our searches of C-SPAN closed-captioning text, Congressional Quarterly transcripts and other video archiving services, we couldn’t find any speaker who mentioned 'ISIS,' 'Islamic' 'terror,' 'terrorist,' or 'terrorism' during the first day of the convention,” PolitiFact wrote.


The fact-checking website did add the caveat that the Democrats still have three days to discuss terrorism at the convention and that the first day of the convention was not meant to focus on foreign policy. Additionally, Hillary Clinton on Monday called for action against ISIL, also known as ISIS, at a rally in Charlotte, North Carolina.

This was also a common theme during the Democratic debates. Writing at National Review, David French thinks he understands why this was the case:

I’m speaking, of course, about “ISIS” or “terrorism.” On the one hand, this extraordinary. The Democrats, after all, are trying to sell America on voting for a former Secretary of State, the person at the helm of American foreign policy during President Obama’s first term. She presided over America’s withdrawal from Iraq. She presided over the administration’s response to the Syrian Civil War. She helped embrace the Muslim Brotherhood when it came to power in Egypt. She pushed Obama to intervene in Libya.

Come to think of it — that’s exactly why the Democrats didn’t mention terrorism. As I argued yesterday, Hillary’s foreign policy helped destabilize the world, and speaking about terrorism after a two-week stretch that has featured a bus attack, a bombing, knife attacks, an ax attack, and a mass shooting in Europe serves only to highlight her many failures. So the Democrats played a cynical game, hoping that their convention and their rhetoric would drive actual world events from the front page. 

But the real world keeps intruding, and last night ISIS terrorists executed a priest in France — moving that nation one step closer toward the instability of an actual Islamist insurgency. 

By the end of the day, one thing was clear: Democrats have no interest in confronting the growing threat of Islamic radicalism. If given the choice, they would prefer to spend the entire convention fixated on windmills and transgender bathrooms, imagining a world where refrigerators and air conditioning are a greater threat to national security than ISIS. 

The American public should take note of this and vote accordingly.





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