Democrats Endorse House Challenger Despite Comments Praising Bestiality, Smearing Women

  • 12/21/2019 12:00 AM
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Democrats Endorse House Challenger Despite Comments Praising Bestiality, Smearing Women
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Democrat California Congressman Ro Khanna is asking voters to support a liberal talk show host’s bid for Congress despite controversial comments on sex with women and animals.

Khanna urged California Democrats to “give a chance” to “The Young Turks” host Cenk Uygur after resurfaced comments in which he said “I’d much rather go out with a slut than a prude” and “If I haven't felt your t-ts by then, things are not about to last much longer.”

Uygur blamed the comments on conservatism, claiming he was a conservative at the time and he “thought that stuff was politically incorrect and edgy.”

He was an outspoken liberal at the time.

In another 2013 televised segment from his liberal talk show, Uygur also expressed his belief that sex with animals should be legal.

“I believe that if I were the benevolent dictator of the world, I would legalize bestiality where you are giving, you are pleasuring the animal,” Uygur announced.

When his co-host obviously objected, Uygur pressed his case.

“He mentioned an unknown case that was covered by the show where a person was ‘pleasuring a horse.’ Uygur noted the horse ‘came to a conclusion,’’ The Daily Caller reports. “‘So, who got harmed?’ he asked.”

The videos were brought to light by Democrat activist M. Mendoza Ferrer.

“The important thing is for him to unequivocally, clearly condemn any of those past statements and say that they were wrong and that he has moved on and understood why they were wrong,” Khanna said. “I do think he has done that, and if people acknowledge their mistakes, acknowledge when they have said something that is offensive or hurtful, I do think they should be given a chance to still participate.”

Khanna’s defense of Uygur comes after presidential candidate and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders rescinded his endorsement.  In response to the dropped endorsements, Uygur announced he would no longer accept them.

Uygur is one of eight Democrats in a 20-candidate field seeking to replace Democrat Congresswoman Katie Hill in California’s 25th Congressional District. He is joined by two independent candidates and ten Republicans, including convicted ex-Trump aide George Papadopolous.  The district is rated evenly Republican and Democrat.

Hill resigned in November after the publication of photos revealing the married congresswoman engaged in sexual relationships with multiple employees.  House ethics rules prohibit relationships between Members and staff.
 Source: AAN
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