Democratic Rising Star Calls for Bipartisan Coalition WIth Trump

  • 2019-04-01
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Democratic Rising Star Calls for Bipartisan Coalition WIth Trump
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California Democratic Representative Ro Khanna, a prominent backer of Sen. Bernie Sanders' (I-VT) presidential campaign, hopes a bipartisan group of lawmakers can coalesce around President Donald Trump and help advance his vision to fight terrorism smarter, honor our veterans, and end seemingly endless wars. (Breitbart)

Ro Khanna argued that if the United States stops its backing of Saudi Arabia in Yemen’s civil war, finally ends the war in Afghanistan, withdraws troops from Syria once and for all, resists temptations by some to get militarily involved in Venezuela, and completes successful peace negotiations with North Korea, then the United States could better invest resources wasted abroad into rebuilding America’s infrastructure.

“Here’s my message: We probably all agree that our primary responsibility is to make sure that America and our values lead the 21st century,” Khanna said when asked what his message is to the millions of Trump supporters who read Breitbart News, people who may find it odd that a Democrat is open to working with Trump on at least some things:

Our biggest competitor in my view is probably China in terms of who’s going to win the 21st century. Is it going to be a free enterprise democracy with America, or is it going to be an authoritarian country like China? China has not been in a war since 1979. They are putting all their resources into building goodwill with other countries and into developing their airports, their bridges, their universities, their artificial intelligence. Why are we involved in wars that are not winnable that are costing us resources that are strategic in winning the 21st century? Instead of all the trillions of dollars that we have spent on these wars, imagine if we built our infrastructure, if we invested in our people, if we helped build our country to make sure that we win in the 21st century. I think that is a message that every American regardless of whether you voted for President Trump or whether you voted for a Democratic member of Congress can get behind because it’s for the national purpose and when it comes to winning in the 21st century I think we’re all on the same team.

In the hyper-partisan era that is the Trump administration, Khanna has emerged as a unique voice in the Democrat Party. While he is certainly a progressive Democrat and harsh critic of the president and his administration on many things, he is also someone who is willing to work with Trump in places where he agrees with the president — particularly on ending wars he, like many in the grassroots of both sides of the aisle, view as endless.

Despite representing one of the most liberal congressional districts, Khanna, by all accounts, has the tact to forge productive relationships with members from across the aisle including House Freedom Caucus chair Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) and democratic socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).
 Source: AAN
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