Dem Representing GOP District Slanders Border Patrol

  • 05/24/2019 12:00 AM
  • Source: AAN
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Dem Representing GOP District Slanders Border Patrol
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Rep. Lauren Underwood road the Democrats' blue wave to victory in 2018.

Highlighting the Democratic Party's historic gains in the House of Representatives, Underwood won in a Republican district once represented by former House Speaker Dennis Hastert.

Although she portrayed herself as a moderate on the stump, the Illinois Democrat has the most liberal voting record in Congress.

Nowhere were Underwood's far-left bona fides more apparent than in a congressional hearing yesterday, where she claimed the deaths of migrant children in custody were intentional. (Twitchy)

As Twitchy reported, the 10-year-old girl had congenital heart defects and died after complications during surgery to save her life, eventually passing away of fever and respiratory distress at Children’s Hospital of Omaha, which obviously was in on the plot to kill her.

We really weren’t up to more of Ocasio-Cortez today, but we have to note that she addresses Underwood’s tweet after the fact that leaves out the allegation of intentional killing of children, which is completely disingenuous and totally on-brand. And of course, she blames the GOP.


No, she didn’t say it was “intended to do harm” — she said the deaths of migrant children were intentional.

 Source: AAN
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