Covington Kids Lawyer Reveals Who They Might Sue

  • 02/06/2019 12:00 AM
  • Source: AAN
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Covington Kids Lawyer Reveals Who They Might Sue
The attorneys defending Covington Catholic High School junior Nick Sandmann and his classmates are sending dozens of warning letters to celebrities, journalists, and politicians calling for a "significant" and "unique" lawsuit for vilifying pro-life students during a confrontation with a Native American on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

Most of the legacy media and Hollywood's liberal entertainment complex slandered the 17-year-old Sandmann as a racist bigot before the full facts of the incident became clear.

Just a reminder, the Covington Catholic students were verbally abused by a group of adults, belonging to a group closely scrutinized by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Grown men who called teenagers "child molesting f**gots," "dirty a*s crackers," "future school shooters," and "incest babies," before a Native American elder approached them point-blank pounding a drum.

The fact that supposedly objective journalists, "shrewd" politicians, and celebrities, all rational adults, in theory, led this vendetta is particularly upsetting.

But justice may still be done.

Here are all the people and organizations that the Covington Kids could get the better of!

Click through to the end to see who's apologized and who continues to misuse the power of the bully pulpit to attack teenage boys.

 Source: AAN
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