Conservative Radio Host Accused of Abusing Wife

  • 08/29/2019 12:00 AM
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Conservative Radio Host Accused of Abusing Wife
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Tennessee radio host Steve Gill's second marriage is disintegrating amid reports he verbally and physically abused his wife.

Allegations against Gill and a temporary order of protection for his estranged wife came to light after the conservative talker spent nine days in jail for failing to pay $170,000 in child support to an ex-wife.

Per the New York Post:

In the order, Gill's wife claims she has not been able to live in their Brentwood home since February and that Gill — a former congressional candidate — threatened to use his power to ruin her life if she left him.

"The history of his abuse, intimidation, verbal threats of what he'll do [to] those I love," the wife wrote in court papers, according to the news outlet. "That he will take everything I have and use his power and influence to destroy me.

"Steve has pushed me, grabbed me. He liked to block me in the shower when I am nude, screaming at me, intimidating me, calling me disgusting names.

"I need protection," she wrote. "I am terrified. He is 'influenced' and 'powerful' and he used that to try to keep [me] from escaping."

The court order prohibits Gill from contacting his wife, staying in their family home, and possessing firearms.
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 Source: AAN
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