Conservative Organization Takes New Measures to Stop Ocasio-Cortez

  • 03/08/2019 12:00 AM
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Conservative Organization Takes New Measures to Stop Ocasio-Cortez
US House of Representatives [Public domain]
Campaign finance attorney Dan Backer has picked up the mantle in the fight against radicalized Democrats.

For many, a crusade against the Democratic Party's new generation of leaders – like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – can't come soon enough. 

They argue her fondness for socialist tenets and intolerance for those who dare to think differently harken back to Soviet-era apparatchiks touting the party line.

It's no exaggeration to say the Democratic Party of Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy is gone.

The money, enthusiasm, and anger lie with the far-Left. That became obvious again earlier today on MSNBC when Colorado Governor and presidential candidate John Hickenlooper – a successful business owner – refused to call himself a capitalist.

Encouraged by their win in November, grassroots Democrats have scared party elders into equivocating about the merits of free enterprise – the system that propelled the United States to superpower status.

The standard-bearer for this take no prisoners movement is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

In two months in office, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez has used the power of the bully pulpit to propose draconian policies to combat climate change. The benign-sounding Green New Deal calls for the government to eliminate gas engines, ground planes, and ration the consumption of burgers. 

History shows you can't relegate socialism to the dustbin of history. Human beings make the same mistakes.

"That is why we fight," Backer said.

He has a point.

Despite popular belief, it does not take a majority to initiate positive or negative changes. A tiny, impassioned minority can change the world. Initially, less than one-fifth of the population in the Thirteen Colonies actively supported the American Revolution. 

This time, leftists aren't complacent. And so often in politics, people are moved by passion. Ideas are secondary.

Although Backer filed two complaints against Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, investigations can take years and often face sabotage by faceless political insiders.

That reality prompted him to create the Stop AOC PAC. Its mandate is simple: defeat her at the ballot box with candidates who promise to put America First.
 Source: AAN
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