CNN Retracts ANOTHER Anti-Trump Hit Piece

  • 12/12/2017 12:00 AM
  • Source: AAN
  • by: Remington Strelivo
CNN Retracts ANOTHER Anti-Trump Hit Piece
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The mainstream media's no-good, awful week of fake news continues.

Now, CNN has been forced to walk back yet another anti-Trump hit piece.

CNN wrote, back in May, that Attorney General Jeff Sessions had lied to the FBI by not reporting two meetings he conducted with Russia's ambassador on his FBI disclosure forms before his confirmation hearing. At the time, Sessions was the U.S. Senator from Alabama.

However, the FBI had told Sessions not to include meetings conducted as part of his Senate duties. 

Sessions reiterated that was the case back in May, but CNN's article downplayed the claim, citing an "expert" source.

But now, a Freedom of Information Act request has proved Sessions right, in the form of an email from the FBI to Sessions which explicitly told him not to include the meetings in his disclosure forms.

CNN has finally been forced to walk back the stories, months after the fact and long after the narrative of Sessions "lying" to the FBI had a chance to resonate with the public.

CNN found itself in hot water less than a week ago over a similar story – after reporting that Wikileaks had emailed Donald Trump Jr. to offer early access to the DNC email hack – and cited it as evidence of collusion. But the email had been sent ten days later, long after the hacked documents were made public. Once again, CNN was forced to post a correction.

As the news media races to smear Trump and his associates, it's clear they're doing only one thing: damaging their reputations even further.
 Source: AAN
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